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Academic Success (Ofsted)

See below for further detail on our Ofsted report and Department of Education School Performance tables.

Elmridge’s latest KS2 attainment and progress data

Elmridge Primary 2019National 2019Elmridge
Primary 20
National 2022Elmridge Primary 2023National 2023
% of pupils achieving expected in READING90%73%91%74%78%74%
% of pupils achieving expected in WRITING93%78%82%69%72%73%
% of pupils achieving expected in MATHS100%79%91%71%91%74%
% of pupils achieving expected in GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION and SPELLING (GPS)100%78%97%72%94%73%
% of pupils achieving expected in READING, WRITING and MATHS combined90%65%79%58%66%61%
Average progress in READING (from KS1 to KS2)+1.140+0.10
Average progress in WRITING (from KS1 to KS2)+20+1.60
Average progress in MATHS (from KS1 to KS2)+3.140+1.50
% of pupils achieving high level in READING (scaled score of 110 or above)37%27%36%28%50%29%
% of pupils achieving high level in WRITING (scaled score of 110 or above)43%20%30%13%25%13%
% of pupils achieving high level in MATHS (scaled score of 110 or above)53%27%39%22%47%25%
% of pupils achieving high level in Grammar, Punctuation and spelling (GPS) (scaled score of 110 or above)53%36%42%28%63%31%
Average scaled score in READING108104106.5104.8107.5105
Average scaled score in MATHS110105107103.8107.7104.3
Average scaled score in GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION and SPELLING (GPS)111106109.7105110.5104.9
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